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How Team Swift was born 

Swift Results Personal Training began over 13 years ago!! Our little biz has been dedicated to helping others achieve fitness, body and mind goals since 2005! We have now evolved into offering fitness apparel with a symbol that represents so much...strength, empowerment, and perseverance!! This is something we instill in our personal training business...day in and day out!! Thank you for supporting us and representing what we stand for!!

About Swift Gear Workout Apparel

We are a family-owned and operated business passionate about empowering people and utilizing the power of fitness to help develop the physical and mental strength to persevere through life. Swift Gear was created with the empowered confident female athlete in mind. Our apparel is designed to help give that fashinable, comfortable and confident edge at the gym. We carefully source out apparel for quality and all of our prints are created locally!!🖤


I love my Swiftgear! Everything is comfortable and fits perfectly. It’s sporty and I love rockin’ it in and out of the gym!🖤

Dr. Kelly

I LOVE this gear! The quality is great and it fits really well. I like to feel cute in my workout gear and this brand does that! I have a hat addiction and I am really impressed with the hat I purchased. I would highly recommend.🖤


I absolutely loved the swift gear. For one it’s very comfortable for everyday wear. The shorts fit nice and snug and the material is soft! I love walking around the house in Just tank top and shorts so it’s one of my favs to just throw on! Thank you @swift_gear56 for making something of such value!🖤


About Swift Results Personal Training

Our Services

*Please contact us for rates, plans, packages, and additional information.

One-on-One Personal Training: Providing you with the guidance, support and professional exercise instruction to help you reach your individual fitness goals. 30 minute and 60 minute sessions available.

Group/Partner Training: Providing personal training in a group of your choice.

Team Swift Competition Prep Coaching:   Customized nutrition and workout plans to help guide and prep you for NPC competition shows. Also includes check-ins, progress monitoring, and support all the way though your show. 

Online Personal Training:  Customized workout and nutrition plans with virtual support, complete with progress monitoring and check ins.





I am a husband and father of two amazing boys, and a little lady. I am also a Certified Master Personal Trainer, and the owner of Swift Results Personal Training and Swift Gear. The initial drive for my pursuit in health and wellness started over 18 years ago and has now evolved into a passion. Health and fitness is an everyday occurrence for me and my family. Furthermore, I have been an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer since 2005, TRX Certified , Fitness Nutrition Certified, Exercise Therapy Certified, and feel honored to be 2013 & 2014 Detroit's A list Best Personal Trainer Runner-Up, and a Nominee for the Detroit Hour Magazine's Favorite Personal Trainer! I believe that in order for you to get the best results, the training must be high-intense and high-impact. In other words, it you are sweating, I am doing my job and if it doesn’t burn it won’t firm. As your personal fitness trainer, I will not only help you to achieve your personal fitness and nutrition goals, but also help you find the motivation and drive needed to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment.

Education, Certifications, & Awards:
*ISSA Certified Elite Personal Trainer
*ISSA Fitness Nutrition Certified
*ISSA Exercise Therapy Certified
*TRX Training Certified
*American Heart Association : First Aid, CPR, AED Certified
*2013 & 2014 Detroit A list Best Personal Trainer Runner -Up
*2015 Detroit A list Best Personal Trainer 3rd place
*2013 & 2014 Detroit Hour Favorite Personal Trainer Nominee
*2015 Nationally Qualified NPC Physique Competitor


Prior to being a client of Mark’s I was living a severely unhealthy lifestyle. I was eating out almost every day with absolutely no physical activity. I was never happy with my body or how I looked, and I always thought I would be stuck in it sixnce all of my unhealthy attempts at dieting never showed any results. I was in that never ending cycle of restrictive dieting that would always lead to binging and then to giving up. Around my 20th birthday I began training with Mark. I learned all about macros, the benefits of healthy eating, and most importantly how to shape my body by lifting heavy. For the past two and a half years, I have dedicated majority of my free time to fitness. I have competed in two bikini bodybuilding competitions, one in 2016, and one in 2017, where I became a nationally qualified bikini competitor. More importantly, I have developed lots of self love for my body at all stages, formed a healthy relationship with food, and have learned how to channel my stress and anxiety from every day life by lifting weights. Furthermore, I am ISSA certified and I have a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. I have taken plenty of nutrition classes and spoken with many different people that have used different diet types to further my knowledge with the subject. My goal as a personal trainer is to help people achieve the self love and confidence that Mark helped me form. I want to help people understand that restrictive diets don’t work, and show them what a healthy balanced, non-resticted diet, and consistency in the gym can do. My goal is to help my clients be a better, more confident version of themselves. As a personal trainer at Swift Results, I plan on being not only my clients trainer, but also a friend, motivator, and listening ear at every step of their fitness journey.

Education, Certifications, & Awards
*Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences
*ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
*American Heart Association : First Aid, CPR, AED Certified



My fitness journey started off in humiliation. I came to swift results and could barely do 5 push-ups and left so embarrassed and frustrated. I didn’t understand why I was so weak and why I couldn’t keep up with Mark because not long ago, I was a tri-sport athlete in high school and played collegiate D II rugby throughout my undergrad. For my entire life, I have been active with a slim body and fast metabolism. And I thought because I was skinny, I was healthy. Very quickly I realized how wrong I was but I always remember this specific session as more than just a workout- it was a true reality check and starting over point. For the past 3 years, I’ve dedicated time for my health and fitness every day since. I spend my time lifting more weights, tracking my macros, and constantly learning new ways to keep my new lifestyle fun yet realistic. Dabbling in competitive body building too motivates me to continuously improve my self-awareness and fuels my passions for a healthy and fit life.
I have a Bachelors of science in biological sciences from Illinois State University and currently completing my Masters of Arts in anthropology from Wayne State University. I am a ISSA certified personal trainer and a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Also, I’m a yogi enthusiast, major foodie and dog mom.


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